History without borders - a free app for people interested in cultural history.

Adresse: Hovdala slott, söder om Hässleholm Hässleholm Datum: Samstag 24 sep 2016 - Sonntag 31 Dez 2017 Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Hovdala slott, söder om Hässleholm Hässleholm

Do you thinks it’s interesting to imagine how it was to live 400 years ago....? Are you interested in knowing how people lived in those times in the place you live today or visit?

Then explore and learn more about the history of Køge in Denmark and the mansion of Hovdala in Sweden. Take a trip across the waters of the Sound – it’s only two hours travel by car or train.

In cooperation between Køge in Denmark and Hässleholm/the mansion of Hovdala in Sweden, a smart- phone app has been developed, with focus on the joint history from the 17th century, when former Danish Scania became Swedish.

The app is intended for people interested in cultural history, who are curious about what happened and how people lived in those times. Sense history and come closer to the people and places in the app. Download the app "History without borders" from AppStore or GooglePlay.

Get inspiration in our film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eloPUFuYQV

Using a GPS map you can walk around in the town of Køge or in the nature of Hovdala & Mölleröd, and choose to read text on your smartphone or listen to audio files of the text. The app contains a quiz related to each story which requires presence at the actual location to be able to answer correctly. There is also a general knowledge test about the history of both areas which you can use before or after your visit.

There are a lot of different tips on other interesting historical places to visit in Scania and on Zealand. And if you are even more interested in facts there are tips on links to visit for more in-depth information.

Feel free to explore the rich cultural heritage in Scania and on Zealand !

Download the app and remember to open the app the first time you want to use it (its about 60 MB). You need wifi access to be able to download the app. You do not need wifi access to be able to use the app in Scania or on Zealand. The app has been developed specially so that tourists from another country can avoid roaming costs. There are links in the app directing you to other sites and if internet is needed to access these sites this will be clearly shown. Comment on the stories and share your experience with others via facebook. Share your pictures with other users via Instagram and #histug.

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