Location: Hässleholm
Arena/Place: Hässleholm Kulturhus
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Date: Monday 27 aug 2018 - Thursday 30 Aug 2018

Exciting days filled with debates, seminars and cultural activities.

Europaforum Hässleholm has become Sweden's established forum for the stimulating exchange of experiences and opinions on all matters European. This meeting of minds contributes to promoting knowledge and understanding of the circumstances that affect our everyday lives. Since 2003 Europaforum Hässleholm has evolved from a half-day seminar into Sweden's largest arena for the discussion of current European issues.

The annual seminar discusses economic, scientific and social issues and is characterised by the variety of national and international representatives it attracts. Europaforum was instigated in order to show that it is possible to discuss the EU outside the confines of the major arenas.

2015 was a very exciting and eventful year for Europaforum Hässleholm. The forum was moved to August and was extended with a university course organized the Malmö Univeristy. Collaborations including the Embassy of Poland, the Polish Institute in Stockholm, and the Austrian Embassy made the 2015 edition of Europaforum the activity richest ever in the history of the forum.

If the 2015 edition of the forum was interesting we can reveal that the 2016 edition will be just as exciting. Europe is again at a crossroads facing events that will affect Europe and the wider European cooperation.

Britain will at the end of 2017 hold an "in-or-out" referendum regarding their membership in the European Union. Would a scenario in which "Brexit" become reality reinvigorate other member states' governments to renegotiate thier membership in the EU? Would such a scenario contribute to a Europe à la carte in the future, heading towards disintegration?

How will Europe be affected by the national elections that await France and Germany in 2017? Will the incumbent governments be replaced and what consequences will this have on future European policy? Moreover, what will the outcome of the US presidential election mean for relations with the EU and the ongoing TTIP negotiations?

Furthermore, more and more border- and passport controls are being established between EU member states with the aim of reducing the influx of asylum seekers and migrants. In December of 2015 Sweden introduced border controls for travellers coming from Denmark. The question in the mind of many are what responsibility does the EU have in this matter and how is the Nordic cooperation affected by the border controls?

While border control disputes arise between EU member states, Russia's armed forces are undergoing a modernization process with million of dollars in investments. Is Russia reinventing its role as a military power posing yet again a substantial threat to Europe and Sweden? On a more local scale what are the opinion about Swedish NATO membership and what would the consequences of membership be?

These are just some of the current issues that will be debated under the theme "Future Europe - Where are we headed?", during Europaforum Hässleholm 2016.

We are also proud to announce that the summer course "European Cooperation and the Noridc Model - Past, present, and future challenges" organized in collaboration with Malmö University will be expanded and provide 7.5 credits. The course is, just like last year, open for applications from the general public via

The fundamental idea is to create lively debate and discussion on European development and diminish the distance between policy-makers and citizens. The seminars serve the dual purpose of raising levels of knowledge on EU matters in general and increasing the competitiveness of local and regional businesses by demonstrating that EU cooperation is possible on a practical, everyday level. Europaforum Hässleholm is free and open to the public but visitors must register in advance.


Date Time Arena/Place
27 Aug
Monday 27 aug 2018 Hässleholm Kulturhus
28 Aug
Tuesday 28 aug 2018 Hässleholm Kulturhus
29 Aug
Wednesday 29 aug 2018 Hässleholm Kulturhus
30 Aug
Thursday 30 aug 2018 Hässleholm Kulturhus

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