Alpaca trekking – a different way to travel

Address: Hultet 3261, 28292 Västra Torup Show map

Address: Hultet 3261, 28292 Västra Torup

When you look into the big, dark eyes of an alpaca, you will be touched by the impressive sense of calm given off by these animals. These gentle, proud animals with their serene pace provide a very special nature experience.

A gentle hike without stress, but without being boring.

If speed or distance are your thrills, then an alpaca trek is not something for you. The motto here is “the journey is everything”, not getting as quickly as possible from “A” to “B”.

Due to the alpaca's reserved nature, even the most cautious of children will not feel threatened by this animal, but will want to get close to it. Children who do not normally like walking will seem to forget the time as they travel with an alpaca.

As alpacas are very attentive and sensitive animals, it is impossible to “trick” them. They are good at assessing their leader, aided by signals invisible to us, and react accordingly.

Acting determinedly with alpacas is entirely the wrong method. A naturally relaxed and calm attitude is much more rewarding. As a result, the alpaca will be friendly and cooperate willingly.

Escape everyday stress and frenzy with an alpaca and be enchanted by their calm.

We start from Alpacka & Älg Ekofarm and follow pleasant, meandering forest paths, with one alpaca per person or per two people. The trek takes around 2 hours, including a break for refreshments along the way.

Photo: Alpacka & Älg Ekofarm

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