Norra Åkarp kyrka

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Address: Bjärnum

In Norra Åkarp Church there is today a large commemorative plaque to Hans Jöransson Feuk, one of the parish priests of the Snapp-hane period.

According to tradition the church was the location of a heated encounter between a group of Snapp-hane guerrillas and the rector, Hans Jöransson Feuk. During a church service Feuk noticed some resistance men at the front of the church. He then took the opportunity of giving a sermon denouncing wicked deeds which was aimed at the guerrillas.

The old medieval church was pulled down in 1881 but some of the fittings can still be seen at the Museum in Bjärnum. The church was consecrated in 1882 and built in a style known as Neo-Romanesque. Inside the church are painted glass by the artist Stig Carlsson.

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