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The unique ruins of an old fortress on an island in Lake Skeingesjön with unique octagonal-shaped granite ramparts which we restored in 1949-50.

The fortress was built in the twelfth century, presumably on the orders of the Archbishop of Lund in order to defend the borders of the kingdom and to offer some protection to the important trade routes and the iron ore trade in the region. The copious amounts of artefacts discovered here suggest that the fortress was not destroyed in war but was dismantled at some stage in history and moved elsewhere.

The popular Vieå Trail combines Skeingeborg with the bird observation tower in the Hörlinge Meadows and the hiking trail "Skåneleden" in the north. Along the trail, you can read about exciting nature and culture on 15 informative signs. You take yourself over the river Helgeå with the help of a rope raft (1st of May until mid of Sept, possibly end of Sept depending on wheather situation). Please contact the tourist information centre in Hässleholm for information: 46-451-26 73 00.

How to get to Skeingeborg: From Hässleholm take Road 117 towards Bjärnum, and there turn off towards Verum. Once in Verum follow the road to Farstorp, then on towards Hästveda and turn off at the sign to Osby. You will find a signed path to the fortress at Björkeberga.

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