Ballran, Lunden och Lönnebjär

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There are more volcanoes in Häglinge (albeit extinct, thank goodness!) than in any other Swedish municipality and that means that there are a number of basalt blocks where the spring flowers are simply fantastic.

Ballran, 500 m west of Ljunga, is the home of stately oak trees, hornbeams and hazels, and in the spring the place comes alive with a shimmering carpet of blue anemones and wood anemones both white and yellow.

Lunden, 1 km east of Häglinge offers a fairly similar experience while Lönnebjär, 1.5 km north of Häglinge is rather different. Here, in addition to the blocks of basalt and extravagant spring flowers, are fine grazing pastures dotted with piles of stones gathered by generations of farmers and criss-crossed by stone walls.

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