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By the shore of Lake Finjasjön there are a section of the Finjasjöleden trail which passes through one of the biggest wetland forests in Skåne.

The 4,2 km long trail comprises two alternative routes along the Finjasjöleden trail to the north of Lake Finjasjön. The northern section passes through the church village of Finja, while the southern section takes you deep into one of the largest areas of wetland forests in Skåne.

The wetland forest, sometimes known as "Europe´s rain forest", is a very damp kind of forest, hosting a rich variety of species and which is usually very difficult for visitors to access. A footbridge covering 1,6 km has therefore been built, the longest in the country through this kind of setting. The footbridge is built entirely of oak, with the posts being burnt using an old technique in order to achieve maximum durability.

You can read more about activities and experiences in the area in the broschure which is downloadable (pdf 2,98 MB), see webpage

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