Åraslövs mosse

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A nature reserve with no less than thirteen species of orchid in the area.

In days gone by, the moor was used for hay-making and peat cutting, but many of the signs of these former activities are slowly being erased. The countryside is constantly changing round these parts: one moment deciduous trees, the next open glades, or marshes of varying character.

Apart from appealing to the naturelover in general, this place is an eldorado for botanists and birdwatchers. Among the countless birds observed here is the elusive hazel-hen. For the botanists there are no less than thirteen species of orchid in the area as well as beauties such as bird's eye primrose, globeflower and a flower known as "melancholy thistle".

The area is a nature reserve so it is important to keep to the planks and duckboards across the wetland areas.

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