Sweden’s oldest known settlement

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The remains of one of Skåne´s oldest Stone Age settlements have been found to the north-east of Lake Finjasjön.

North-east of Lake Finjasjön archaeologists have made finds that indicate that Sweden’s oldest known settlement was located here about 14,000 years ago, just beside what is today the Finjasjön Trail.

Nomads followed the reindeer herds northwards and camped on the shores of the lake during the Older
Stone Age. Finds from the Bronze Age and Iron Age suggest that, by then, this was an open agricultural
area with settlements typical of their time. Boulders with “cup and ring marks”, rock carvings and ruins
provide us with many metaphorical “tree rings” that help to put a date to various relics of everyday life that
have been preserved here through the millennia.

Surface finds of flint have been collected from the site:most are now on display in the Hembygdsmuseet
local history museum in Hässleholm.

How to get there: From Hässleholm follow Road 21 towards Helsingborg. At Finja turn towards Mölleröds kungsgård. From the parking follow the signs a few kilometres along the Finjasjö Trail towards the settlement.

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